Is It Worth Replacing iPad Battery? 

We all love our iPads. They’re perfect for browsing the web, watching shows, playing games, and staying productive. iPads do have a better battery lifespan comparatively, but let’s admit, it doesn’t last forever. Over time, you might notice your iPad struggling to hold a charge, draining faster than usual, or even shutting down unexpectedly. This begs the question: should I get an iPad battery replacement?  

As with many aspects of life, the response is “it depends.” But fear not! This article will guide you through the factors to consider, so you can make an informed decision. 

ipad battery replacement

Why Does My iPad Battery Need Replacing? 

Batteries are like tiny power plants, and just like power plants, they have a limited lifespan. Over time, the chemicals inside a battery degrade, reducing its capacity to hold a charge. This is a natural process, and it affects all rechargeable batteries, including those in iPads. Here are some key signs that your iPad might be telling you it’s time for a new battery: 

1. Frequent Charging

Remember the days when a single charge got you through your entire day? If you now find yourself constantly reaching for the charger, with your iPad needing multiple top-ups throughout the day, it’s a strong indicator of a declining battery capacity. This is when you might need to consider your iPad battery replacement. 

2. Sudden Shutdowns 

This can be particularly frustrating. Your iPad might be showing some charge remaining, but it unexpectedly powers off. This erratic behaviour is a sign the battery can’t reliably deliver the power your device needs, and an iPad battery replacement might be the solution. 

3. Slower Performance 

Have you noticed a general sluggishness in your iPad’s performance? Apps take longer to load, and scrolling feels less smooth. This could be a sign that your battery is struggling to deliver consistent power, potentially impacting your iPad’s processing ability. Such issues require iPad battery replacement to restore optimal performance and keep your device running smoothly. 

4. Poor Battery Health 

Many Apple iPads have a built-in feature that allows you to monitor your battery health. This is displayed as a percentage of the battery’s original capacity. You can check for your iPad’s health by following these steps: 

Settings > Privacy & Security > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data 

Then, select the most recent “Analytics” file. Look for the values next to “MaximumCapacityPercent” and “CycleCount” to assess your battery’s current condition. 

Generally, a reading below 80% indicates a significant decline in performance and suggests it might be time to consider an iPad battery replacement. 

The iPad Battery Replacement Decision Tree 

Now that you understand the common signs indicating why your battery may be facing issues, let’s delve into the factors influencing these issues that will help you decide if a replacement is the right course of action. 

1. The Age of Your iPad 

The age of your iPad can significantly influence battery quality due to natural wear and tear over time. As iPads age, their batteries may experience decreased capacity and efficiency, leading to shorter battery life and more frequent charging. For example, if your iPad is 5-6 years old, it may be more prone to battery degradation. Therefore, considering the age of your iPad is crucial when assessing battery quality and determining the need for replacement. 

2. Your Usage Needs 

How heavily do you rely on your iPad? If you only use your iPad occasionally, you might be able to get by with the current battery life. On the other hand, if it’s your primary device for work, school, or entertainment, then a new battery will significantly enhance your productivity and enjoyment.  

Beyond the Battery: Other Factors to Consider 

While battery life is a major concern, there are other things to think about before diving into a replacement. 

  • Overall iPad Condition: Is the cracked screen? Are the buttons unresponsive? If your iPad has other hardware issues, it might be time for an upgrade instead of a battery replacement. 

  • Software Updates: One thing to consider when deciding on a battery replacement in iPad is software support. If your iPad has a poor performance, it could mean that your iPad is no longer receiving software updates. Using an outdated operating system can impact performance and security. 

Is your iPad covered by a warranty? 

Knowing your warranty status is helpful before deciding on an iPad battery replacement. If your iPad is under warranty, Apple will likely replace the battery free of charge, making the decision much easier. Here’s how to quickly check your iPad’s warranty coverage: 

Settings app > General > About iPad > Look for Serial Number > Copy the Serial Number > Go to  > Enter the Serial Number > Continue. 

If your iPad is covered, you’ll have a clear path to getting a new battery from Apple.  

What if your warranty is up? 

No worries, battery replacement is still an option! However, if your warranty has expired, you will need to pay for the battery replacement, including handling charges.  

iPad Battery Replacement Cost 

Apple iPad Battery Average Cost$99 to $170
iPad air 2 battery replacement Cost$120 to $150
iPad pro battery replacement Cost$200 to $400

The cost of iPad battery replacement can vary. It depends on the model you have and where you get it serviced. Apple offers battery replacement through their stores, with prices typically ranging from $99 to $179.  

For instance, the cost for iPad air 2 battery replacement typically ranges between $120 and $150. However, as you progress to higher iPad generations, such as the iPad Pro series, the cost of battery replacement can significantly increase. That is, the cost of iPad pro battery replacement may range from $200 to $400. 

Here in Shepparton, you’ll also find qualified professional phone repairing services that often offer iPad battery replacement at a lower cost, usually emphasising the use of high-quality parts. 

DIY iPad Battery Replacement 

Replacing your iPad battery yourself can be tempting, especially if you’re handy. However, it’s important to be aware that it’s a more challenging task. iPads are designed to be tamper-proof, requiring specialised tools and knowledge to access the internal components. Attempting a DIY replacement increases the risk of accidentally damaging delicate parts like the circuit board, potentially rendering your iPad unusable. 

The Joy of a Renewed iPad 

If you decide to proceed with an iPad battery replacement, you’ll enjoy a significant improvement in battery life. This means longer usage periods without the constant worry of running out of power. Such an upgrade can be a game-changer, particularly for those who rely heavily on their iPads for work, entertainment, or daily tasks. Additionally, a new battery can enhance your device’s overall performance, making it feel almost like new and extending its lifespan considerably. 

Tips For a Better iPad Battery Performance 

Congratulations on giving your iPad a new life with a battery replacement! Now that you’re enjoying extended usage time, here are some habits to help you maximise the lifespan of your new battery: 

1. Brightness Balance 

While a bright screen is great for sunny days, finding a comfortable mid-range brightness level can significantly improve battery life. Remember, you can always adjust the brightness based on your environment. 

2. Silence the Background Chatter 

Features like push email, background app refresh, and location services constantly run in the background, draining your battery. When you don’t need these features instantly, disabling them can make a big difference.  

3. Embrace the Updates 

Software updates often include optimisations for battery efficiency. Keeping your iPad updated with the latest software ensures you’re getting the most out of your battery life. 

Reliable iPad Battery Replacement by Roly’s Mobiles 

At Roly’s Mobiles, we specialise in mobile phone services, including battery replacements for a wide range of devices, particularly iPads. Our technicians are experts in using Apple tools and managing complex repairs, ensuring precision and care in every job, including intricate procedures like iPad Pro battery replacement and iPad Air 2 battery replacement. Choose us for our high-quality parts, efficient repair management, and exceptional customer service. Stop by our shop or schedule a service through our website, and we’ll swiftly restore your device to full functionality! 


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