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Personal Communication Services for Your Home

Reliable and efficient personal communication services are essential in today’s connected world. That’s why Roly’s Mobiles offers a wide range of solutions to keep you and your family connected at home.

With our personal communication services, you can enjoy crystal-clear phone calls, fast internet speeds, and smart home integration. We understand that every home has unique needs, which is why we provide customised options to match your lifestyle.

Landline Phone Services

While mobile phones are ubiquitous today, many homes still rely on traditional landlines as their primary phone service. At Roly’s Mobiles, we offer digital and VoIP landline services from major carriers like Telstra.

Our landline plans provide unlimited local and national calls, allowing you to chat with friends and family without worrying about surprise bills. We’ll handle the installation and setup, ensuring your home phone is ready to use from day one. With features such as voicemail, call waiting, and more, our landline plans offer everything you need for reliable home calling.

Personal Communication Services
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Internet Plans

Fast and reliable internet is a must for most households today. From work video calls to movie streaming, our NBN and ADSL internet plans have you covered. We offer a range of speed tiers so you can choose the right plan for your needs.

With our internet plans, you’ll enjoy low latency and minimal buffering when using multiple devices. Additionally, we provide modems/routers with built-in Wi-Fi, enabling wireless connectivity throughout your home. If you need a boost in speed and coverage, we can offer advice on mesh Wi-Fi systems and other accessories.

Smart Home Integration

Controlling your home technology should be simple and convenient. That’s where our smart home integration services come in. We can set up your home with Google Nest or Amazon Alexa devices, enabling you to use voice commands for controlling appliances, lighting, climate control, security systems, and more.

From checking the weather to turning off the lights, smart speakers make everyday tasks hands-free. We’ll handle linking these devices to compatible products you already own, ensuring seamless voice control. With routine setup and integration from our team, you can enjoy the convenience of a smart home.

Home Phone and Internet Bundles

For maximum value, we offer bundled home phone and internet plans. Bundling allows you to enjoy discounted pricing on robust services for calling and connectivity, providing a cost-effective solution for reliable landline calling and fast internet speeds in one package.

We offer Telstra’s Upfront Mobile Plans, enabling families to share data among 10 services. Moreover, you can enjoy excellent value by adding a new mobile device to these plans and spreading payments over 24 or 36 months.

Also, our personal communication services offer bundled plans with additional products such as subscription TV and home security. Customising a bundled plan to your needs allows you to save money while receiving all the necessary personal communication services for your home.

Experience Seamless Personal Communication Services Backed by Reliable Customer Support

While our personal communication services provide outstanding quality and performance, we also back them up with stellar customer service. Our Australian-based team is ready to help anytime an issue arises, whether it is billing-related queries, technical problems, or other concerns. We’re here with prompt and friendly support.

Our technicians are equipped to handle various tasks, including home installation, troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance. Additionally, we make changing or cancelling plans hassle-free to accommodate your evolving needs. With our customer service, you receive complete assistance before, during, and after becoming a valued client.

Roly’s Mobiles Is Your Unmatched Personal Communication Services

When looking for complete personal communication services for your home, Roly’s Mobile shop Shepparton stands out as the ideal provider for this task. With our customised landline, internet, and smart home integration services, we are equipped to meet your unique requirements. Our bundled plans allow you to consolidate services and save money simultaneously.

As a trusted local provider, we deliver reliable connections and supportive customer service every step of the way. To discuss your home communication requirements, call us today at (03) 5831 6789 or fill out the form on our ‘Contact Us page’. Roly’s Mobiles has everything you need to stay connected at home.