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Telstra has become Australia’s top technology and telecommunications company since it started in 1975. Telstra plays a vital role in helping millions of people across the country stay connected. It is renewed for its services in mobile and fixed-line communication, broadband internet, and digital television. People trust Telstra because it provides reliable connections, whether they live in big cities or remote areas. Telstra is always striving to improve customer experiences by introducing new ideas and technology. Telstra’s strong reputation for excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction firmly establishes its role as a major player in the continuously changing telecommunications industry.

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On-Spot Repairs

We get it – being without your device is a hassle. That's why at Roly's Mobiles Shop Shepparton, we provide convenient mobile phone services. We'll come to you and fix your phone right where you are. It's hassle-free service you can always rely on!

Speedy Services

Experience smooth repairs with us! For phone repairs, we'll need your device in the shop for just 2 to 3 hours. Tablets may take a bit longer, typically 24 hours, but rest assured, we'll have them back to you before you know it!


At our mobile phone services, transparency is key. You can trust us to be upfront with you every step of the way, from the moment you get a quote to when you pick up your device. We're here to keep you in the loop, no surprises involved!

Value Check

We make it a point to review our business customer’s accounts every 12 months, and even sooner if you ask. Our friendly team is here to ensure you're always getting the best value possible, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns!

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About us

Our Mobile Phone Services and What’s in Store

Roly’s Mobiles Shop Shepparton provide repair services for a wide range of devices. We’re your trusted partner for all things Telstra, offering a comprehensive range of repair services to keep your devices functioning smoothly. We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and ensuring they receive a positive experience every time they visit our store.

When it comes to mobile phone services, our expertise covers a broad spectrum, including popular brands like iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones and tablets, OPPO, Nokia, Huawei, Google Pixel, and Motorola. If we don’t have parts available, don’t worry! We can source them within 24 hours. Once your device is with us, our turnaround time is quick – usually 2 to 3 hours for phones and 24 hours for tablets.

Additionally, we offer battery replacement services for most phones and handle charging port repairs for most devices. For iPads and many Samsung tablets, we’re equipped to handle both charging port repairs and battery replacements. Visit our shop or book a service through our website, and we’ll ensure your device is back in working order in no time!

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How we work

Streamlined Excellence: Our Five-Stage Service Process

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Let’s Get Started

We'll kick things off by chatting about what's up with your device and figuring out what needs fixing.

Time to Work our Magic

Once we know what's going on, our skilled tech team jumps in to work their repair magic, using top-notch parts and know-how.

Quality Check and Heads-Up

After the repair, we give your device a rigorous quality check. Once approved, you’ll be notified for pickup or delivery.

We've Got Your Back

Even after you've got your device back, we're still here for you with any questions or issues that pop up. Plus, we've got you covered with our warranty.

Always Improving, Always Smiling

We're always looking for ways to make things even better, because your feedback is used for continuous improvement of our unmatched mobile phone services.

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